Monday, October 15, 2012

Staying busy

It's only been a week and I can honestly say no major melt downs yet! I say yet because I know at some point they will come. We all have them, but when you are missing someone I think they tend to happen more often. From the last deployment I learned that it's better to stay busy and keep my mind occupied. Too much time spent thinking about the things I cannot change or the unknown is just a waste of time and it just sends me into a spiral of worry. (Something I can do without.) So this deployment I plan to stay busy with some breaks for times to renew and refresh.

This weekend was a busy one. Friday night Sarah and I went to SOMARTS in San Francisco to see their opening Dia de Los Muertos Art Exhibit. The best part was spending a little time with amigas I hadn't seen in long while. (I need to do this more often) There were so many beautiful altares/memorials to loved ones that have passed on.  Taking Sarah to art shows is important to me. I want to expose her to more cultura, art and life outside of quiet Foster City. We got inspired and made some crafts Friday night when we got home. (see my art blog for tutorial).

Saturday we spent the day in Half Moon Bay at the annual Pumpkin Festival. We explored the art booths, pumpkin patch and simply enjoyed just being outside. I love the ride out to the coast. It's a beautiful ride on hwy 92 ... being in nature is so renewing to me. It always reminds me of how great and wonderful God is... when I'm in it... it feels like I'm getting a great big hug from God.

Sunday we went to church. Spoke briefly to Pastor Paul who is always so encouraging. 

After church we stopped in RWC to deliver a painting and picked up some crafting supplies from the party store. We vegged a little on the couch and watched some Halloween decorating, baking, and some travel channel . (I own the remote when he is away...that means no football or baseball and more chickflicks, cooking shows, and DIY shows).

Sunday night we made a batch of cold porcelain (glue & corn starch) for another craft project we are working on this week. The cornstarch and glue got into everything and made a mess of the kitchen but I guess that's the fun part of crafting.

I didn't get to talk to him much this weekend ... but we did sneak in a few texts here and there to remind each other we are thinking about each other. Communication is how we will survive this time apart. So whether it's a simple text, email, two minute call when he has some down time... filling each other in on what's happening here at home and a quick brief on what he is doing. Week 1 down... lots more to go.


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